COVID-19 Relief

June 15
Cunina Public Educational Trust Kathmandu, Nepal

ICU Beds Donation
23 May 2021

Donation of 2 ICU beds to Stupa Community Hospital and 1 bed to Gokarna Primary Hospital. Mr. Pemba Lama, an orthopedic doctor of Stupa Community Hospital received the beds from our board member Mr. Jamling Lama.

One ICU bed was received by Gokarna Municipality officers on behalf of Gokarna Primary Hospital. The bed was transported to the hospital.

  • ICU beds handed over to Stupa Community Hospital
  • ICU bed transported to Gokarna Primary Hospital

Oxygen Concentration Donation
13th June 2021

We have donated an oxygen concentration device to Gokarna Primary Hospital. The device was handed over to hospital on the presence of representatives from Gokarna municipal, Kathmandu.

Previously, we had donated an ICU bed to the same hospital on 2nd June. We found out that the bed was already on service for the people. This hospital provide free services to all the people.

  • Team of Gokarna Primary Hopsital receiving the oxygen concentrator from CPET
  • Oxygen concentration being used in the hospital

Distribution of Food Essentials (KTM)
01 June 2021

Distribution of essential food supplies to 50 needy families at Boudhanath and Kapan areas.

With the help of Shree Boudhanath Area Development Committee, Cunina Nepal provided rice, flour, oil, salt etc. to the families living in slums.

  • Mr. Jamling Lama distributing food supplies to a family.
  • Distribution of essential foods maintaining social distance.

Distribution of Food Essentials (Lumbini)
02 June 2021

Distribution of essential food supplies to monks and nuns in Lumbini.

  • Monks and nuns at Lumbini.
  • Distribution of essential food supplies to the monks and nuns.

Operation of ICU ward (Sankhuwasabha)
03 June 2021

ICU ward of Khandbari District Hospital was able to operate after Cunina decided to pay for the consultant anesthesiologist. With the help of Mr. Pasang Sherpa (Chairman), Cunina Public Education Trust decided to pay the salary of an Anesthesiologist for 6 months (NPR 18,00,000) at an initial phase.

  • Mr. Pasang Sherpa signing an agreement with Khandbari District Hospital’s represents.

Food Essential and Cash Support
08 June 2021

Nepal’s tourism sector supported more than 1.05 million jobs directly and indirectly on 2017, according to the annual World Travel and Tourism Council research report. With only a total of 32,997 tourists visited Nepal in the first three months of 2021, the unemployment is inevitable for the people involved in tourism sector. Mr. Dawa Sange Sherpa is one of the example. He has to feed 4 peoples and has to pay room rent at Kathmandu. With no job for last few months, the family is surviving on borrowing money from relatives.

Cunina Nepal distributed food supplies and a donation of NPR 5,000 for the family.

  • Food supplies being handed to the family.
  • The mother with the smallest daughter of the family receiving money

Financial support to Phaplu
Community Hospital ICU Ward
(Phaplu, Solukhumbu)

Financial Aid received from:
  • Hotel Mulberry = NPR 200,000
  • Ms. Alice Daunt = $2000

CPET realizing the urgent need for medical support in the southern part of solukhumbu district; Phaplu , prepared response plan and with the help of donors, helped the ICU Ward of Phaplu Community Hospital to combat the situation through financial support. Our objective was to strengthen the health care system as an attempt to minimize the adverse impact of COVID-19 pandemic in the region and to expand the hospital’s capacity to manage critically ill patients at the same time. The support from our donors have helped the hospital to fight this seemingly inevitable crisis.

Food Essentials distribution to people of Pathivara Region

Financial Aid received from:
  • Mr. Sangye Palden Sherpa: NPR 50,000
  • Mr. Jigdel Dorjee Kuyee: NPR 50,000
  • Mr. Denom Ojhanthanche: NPR 25,000
  • Mr. Tenzing Yonten: NPR 20,000

Understanding the impacts of continuous lock-down on the lives of needy people especially in rural region like Pathivara, where people are more at risk of falling into extreme poverty and starvation, CPET came up with a relief project to provide basic food supply to the people in the region inorder to ease their live during the pandemics. Thanks to the donors whose contributions made the project to be successful.

CPET received the following donations from the respective donors:


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